Rekindle. Connect. Synchronise. 

Synthesis is the human ability to make complex meanings out of available facts. And that is why we need to see, read and think about specific cultural material. Through our curatorial, research and archival projects, we provide opportunities to look closely, read reflectively and think analytically. For us, Synthesis involves different ways of seeing time. The past, present and the future are all equally important. Because the new mandate of art history is a way to experience the present and anticipate the future by how the past has been analysed and imagined.

Our curatorial projects include collaborative exhibitions across the world. Exhibitions are often about celebrating the past and the present. But we are not limited by that. We aim for a broader and more diverse notion of seeing than what exhibitions have lately come to offer.

Our research activity does not consist of just collecting information. We join the figurative dots and create connections or webs of meaning. Research should involve investigating a perspective; and archives should protect the ability of the future to make sense of the past. Research processes, if undertaken episodically, may not hold real, deep insights, as an archive of the larger pursuit ought to.

Our archives contain detailed documents that record the creative journeys of artists. The collection is small in size, but provides an important resource for anyone who wishes to delve deeper in the creative processes of the artists who are a part of our research. It is present in Mumbai and available to visiting scholars and researchers. We plan to make the metadata of our collection available online soon.