A sonata is a composition created for a single instrument. Varying inflexions and vibrations of a singular sound affect the listener’s eardrum to produce musical sensations. The surface of the listener’s consciousness then synchronises with the tempo and flow of the sonata and a feeling of oneness is experienced.

Oneness was Gaitonde’s lifelong quest. He did not choose the language he harnessed, but instead, it chose him. Gaitonde painted - with a singular focus - throughout his life, transcending the phases that inspired his journey.

As a part of our focus on visionary and path breaking artists from India’s history of modern art, Bodhana is venturing to arrange programs in honour of Gaitonde and his oeuvre. We present the following three volumes and a documentary on Gaitonde.

Vasudeo Santu Gaitonde: Sonata of Solitude - The first book in the series emerges as a biography of the modern master Gaitonde was written by Meera Menezes and researched by Jesal Thacker. The book presents our study as a fact-based narrative of his life. Meera, through her text, effaces the prevalent myths about the artist and successfully attempts to produce an accurate document of his life and journey by affirming the facts. The essay presents a history rather than a general story.

Vasudeo Santu Gaitonde: Sonata of Light - The second book in the series is an omnibus of paintings by Gaitonde. It reveals the exceptional framework of the artist’s mind with over two hundred images of his artworks arranged chronologically in the form of a timeline.

Vasudeo Santu Gaitonde: A  Sonata's Voyage - The third is a series of bilingual books with essays by Narendra Dengle, Amrit Gangar, and Roshan Shahani. The essays are from varying perspectives, from historical and philosophical to analytical. They offer a glimpse into the myriad possible interpretations of Gaitonde's work and creates a linkage between these and other media and disciplines to create a wider set of openings into Gaitonde's practice.

Vasudeo Santu Gaitonde: Sonata of Consciousness - The fourth and the final book of the series is a comparative study of Gaitonde’s body or work and the corresponding periods in the evolution of visual art worldwide authored by G. Roger Denson, an international art critic and cultural theorist. By doing this, Roger has managed to contextualise Gaitonde’s work within the canon of global art history and makes it possible for readers outside India to make connections and interpret meanings. He has critically analysed the paintings of Gaitonde through the radar of the artist’s convictions.

Vasudeo Santu Gaitonde: Reeling a Sonata - a documentary film reveals the mysterious and unconventional life of Gaitonde. Featuring an exclusive set of interviews with family, friends like Krishen Khanna, A Ramachandran and well-wishers as well as close confidantes like Ashok Vajpeyi. The film approaches its subject through a structure that presents miniatures as well as abstract or non-objective art in the historical narrative running parallel to Gaitonde’s life and art.

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