Restructure. Theorise. Reimagine

One of the biggest crises of our time is arriving at a common and shared understanding of what it means to know. Bodhana initiates inquiries to investigate the scope of knowing as much as possible. We frame our manifesto by using three words: genesis, mimesis and synthesis. Genesis implies a study of the apparent relationships of an entity to reveal its essence. Its invocation demands a capacity to magnify the context of the given idea to such a degree that each aspect of its detail can be interpreted and rendered in a meaningful form.

The morphogenesis of an artist’s linguistic system reveals the rules of visual grammar that are followed not just in their compositions but also in the way they look at the world. To realise a fully resonant array of mechanisms for making sense of an artist’s work, we need to gather a range of information about them. In the context of our methods, this means putting together a comprehensive archive of the artist’s process, practice and their interaction with the wider community of practitioners.  

Our publishing activity does not just cater to the perceived demands of the art community. It also acknowledges the needs of the regional language students and scholars, and so includes numerous translations of essential texts. Our publishing program includes artists' books, diaries, analytical essays, biographies and timelines.

Bodhana works with numerous writers with varied styles to open up an artist’s body of work into unconventional directions. With forthcoming releases, we will realise an elaborate and extensive distribution network through co-publishing arrangements and collaborations with existing bodies active in the field.

Publishing books and journals is a matter of commitment and dedication for us. We are convinced that publishing driven by passion and rigour, and in different formats is the need of the hour. We can appropriately historicise and archive the strong legacies of numerous important artists in India’s history of modern and contemporary art, primarily through an active publishing program.

Our discursive programs aim to capture the changing nature of contemporary discourse related to our interest areas. We will unveil our forthcoming conference program with a seminar series, and regular symposia that attract and gather scholars from around the world.