Rekindle. Connect. Synchronise.

We rekindle by connecting fragments of imagination and intuition thus creating modalities of harmonization

  • Build a capacity in the next generation of cultural actors to properly assess and value our heritage and contemporary cultural elements
  • Conceive specific exhibitions, research projects and archives that offer expert training in thinking and conceptualising in an inter-disciplinary setting.



Educate. Clarify. Propagate.

We will educate by clarifying historical processes and propagating appropriate methods and materials.

  • The ability to see and share individual perspectives and experiences of wonder.
  • Implement creative therapy (involving Art, Movement, Philosophy, Sound, Speech). Make pedagogy more accessible, thorough and rooted in the South-Asian context through developing a school of expert practitioners, scholars and interested professionals.



Restructure. Theorise. Reimagine

Restructure our understanding about the sources of imagination and intuition and how we theorise these in order to reimagine our trans-rational reality.

  • We want to develop and nurture ways to navigate what we cannot understand rationally and still be able to establish constantly renewed paradigms of our cultural existence.
  • Curate & Create: publications, research contributions, journals, conferences and seminars.