From Art To Art (English)


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From Art To Art (English)Author: Prabhakar Kolte

Being one of the nation’s leading abstractionists, Prabhakar Kolte has been at the helm of contemporary Indian art. As an artist and a teacher of art, he has observed the world of Indian art grow from the pre-Independence era through to the beginning of the 21st century.

The art world has changed. But can values and principles that defines art changes so rapidly?

Kolte offers valid insights into Indian art’s umbilical connection with Hindu philosophy; the role  art and artists need to play in society, the atavistic impulse of abstract art and why it is his genre of choice, and many others subjects.

He also comments frankly on the art world and many of his contemporaries.

Art to Art is a book  that will appeal to not only the art community but anyone who wishes to know more about how an artist thinks, and what it means to be an artist in an ever –changing, and often morally debatable, universe.